CL101: Grey on Grey T-Shirt
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This 100%  cotton t-shirt with the “Tested at Sea” logo is available in medium, large, xl, and xxl.  Quality t-shirt features a "grey on grey" printed design of our famous blue whale logo. 

We’ve had many requests for this item. It’s a great gift item for anyone who has been “tested” or just dreams about being at sea.  Our newest "grey on grey" t shirt is softer and more comfortable.

Shipping for the t-shirt is FREE with the purchase of a knife.  Just click  Size:  and then select your size.

Model: CL101, Grey Logo 100% Cotton T-Shirt. 

Grey on grey tone

  • Item #: CL101
  • Manufacturer: Myerchin, Inc.

CL101: Grey on Grey T-Shirt

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